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Monday, 26 April 2010

... We got fun and games ;-)

Charlie is certainly having fun. I am less amused by all the chaos!

But more order & organisation is on the way. The Kewlox cupboard is being picked up tomorrow evening - sold for 91.50 EUR. Not too shabby.

And then... well then I can start moving the rest of the furniture into its new and rightful position. More changes on the way.


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Remember the bedroom ?

The one room that was coming together nicely ?! Ergo got tossed to the bottom of my priority list ? Well I have been naughty.

I started by switching the bed around.

And then I used my Oma's little dresser as a headboard/bedside table.

Crappy photo due to the lack of space, but you get the idea. Plus I gave the dresser a nice make-over with some organic furniture oil. It's positively glowing.

Nightstand vignette.

Now you might have wondered where the 200 EUR for my Thonet chairs went. Well among other thrift finds, into this glorious wall lamp.

Found at Mouche for 70 EUR and I invested another 30 EUR to have it rewired (originally it did not even have a switch).

A word of praise to Christian - my go to guy in all things lamp related. He did a beautiful job and chose a black fabric coated wire (and not some cheapo plastic one) - the sort of detail that makes all the difference.

Close-up of the "articulated joint".

See you can move it around in whatever way you fancy. FUN !

So here it is my new cosy bed nook. Any thoughts ? Better or worse ?

Meanwhile in the living room...

Well at least Charlie is staying serene AND on top of the chaos.

Kewlox sale

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In an effort to tackle the landslide (or furniture-slide) caused by my latest ebay purchase, I am getting rid of my Kewlox wardrobe.

The trusted ebay to the rescue - check out my add here. Bidding starts at 50 EUR and is ending this Sunday night. And I could certainly use some pocket money for my upcoming UK holiday :-)

Now all my fellow design addicts from outside Belgium are probably wondering what this weird name - Kewlox - is all about. Based on a British post-war patent, Kewlox is a Belgian company manufacturing pretty clever and versatile kit furniture. With some basic building blocks, you can create you own cupboard, wardrobe or shelving unit.

You can get an idea of the building principle here.

And on a totally unrelated note, yes I know, now that I have finally gotten rid of all the yellow in the living room, I definitely need to tackle my giant yellow monster of a hall. Pffffff, the work never ends !

Fat Lava eruption

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blimey! I hit the motherload of West German ceramic finds this weekend. Once again the thrift oasis did not disappoint. I found :

- red ceramic lamp, not working and no shade, but hell ! for 10 EUR who gives a damn
- tiny lamp, cute, green & 50's (a favourite thrift trifecta) and only 10 EUR
- tall yellow and brown fat lava vase - 4 EUR
- small white vase (possibly a Scheurich) - 25 cents
- another Jopeko black & red lava planter - 1 EUR (view its twin here)
- large Italian planter with inversed tear drops in relief - 4 EUR (the big brother to these two)
- white planter with ondulating relief - 2 EUR
- set of white planters with finger impressions pattern - 1 EUR for the small one and 2.50 EUR for the big one

I am all thrifted out...

Update - I suspected the vase being a Scheurich because of the fairly recognisable pattern. I have now confirmation thanks to this Flickr post. My vase has the exact same identifiying marks, 260-15 !
And by the way, if you want to drool over some more West German ceramic sexiness, go check out the West German Pottery Collectors pool.

Ok now I am all researched out...

Spring gardening

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remember the window boxes I put together about 6 weeks ago ?

They are now in full bloom and I see a field of pansies and daffodils each time I look out the living room windows.

The clematis is also doing wonderfully. No flowers yet, but lots and lots of new growth.

And the crocosmia were doing ok as well, until one little black panther decided to sun-bath on them...

Now 8 hours later, I have a hell of a back ache ! Getting rid of the equivalent of three huge garbage bags of dead plants and earth, chopping down all that nasty ivy, sweeping and cleaning the whole balcony, planting lovely new plants (another clematis and more echinacea amongst others), weeding, grooming and fertilising all the remaining plants - is tiresome work !

Man, and now the weather is so nasty again, I don't even get to take some 'after' pictures.

But I can't resist showing this last one. The tiny black panther all refreshed after a day of sleeping in the sun, observing the exhausted and aching Fat Cat doing some blogging...

What did you get done this weekend ?


Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Easter weekend involved lots of driving, drilling and testing the limits of my incredibly patient Dad... who did all the driving and drilling...

Some major living room remodel on the way. Stay tuned while I work out the last kinks and solve the overspill into other rooms.

The Carlton Ware money boxes and cruets are already happy with their new set-up !


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Little announcement - the Fat Cat blog is officially moving into the 21st century. I am now photostreaming on Flickr with all the other cat nerds and design obsessed loonies.

You can also find a fancy schmancy link to my Flickr page at the right bottom side of this blog.

But today is also a sad day for all Scandinavian design addicts - Katja and Minna over at Nestled In have decided to move on to new projects and they will be closing their beautiful blog. You will be missed guys - I used to check in on you daily and loved to read your thoughtful texts and uh and ah at all your gorgeous photos. You were also my favourite source for Etsy finds. I am off to browse your archives while I still can :-) Au revoir and take care Nestled In !

Charlie & armchair

Monday, 5 April 2010

Charlie bear & my Oma's armchair are getting their 15 minutes on the internet today thanks to Desire To Inspire's "Pets on furniture Mondays".

Go check it out if you are so inclined. I know I am ! Peeping in on other people's super cute kitties and doggies and fashionable interiors... What a treat !

Thank you very much Kim and Jo for including my pic in your selection.

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