Saturday, 12 April 2014

I don't know about you guys, but over here spring is definitely on the way. 

How can I tell ? I mean, besides the obvious sunshine, tempeatures in the low twenties and flowers everywhere ? Easy. When I get that tingly feeling and start moving stuff around, that's when I know for sure spring is here !

This season I'm especially craving a more minimalist decor. The first step will be to keep stuff on and around the sideboard to a minimum. So the red West German pottery collection has moved and made way for a more 70s style colour range. 
Of course, it's all still very much a work in progress. The Tomado shelf feels wrong and so does the rest of the art. And there needs to be a better transition between the earthy coloured objects and the bolder armchair and red vases. But it's a start.

I love how my mid-century tapestry looks over the sideboard. The cats however are unfazed by aesthetics and simply view it as a giant cat scratcher. Assholes ! I've doused it in cat repellent, but I suspect they're still having a go at it... So I might have to find a safer spot for it.

Speaking of cats. Hello Sammy !

New home for my red WGP vases. I'm thinking this corner can take a more maximalist approach. Also I'm seriously thinking about repainting that black wall... It needs a new coat of paint anyway. I don't know how, but the kitties have managed to leave paw marks all over it and the touch-ups are really showing.

I'm in love with Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue. I tried it out already in the bathroom back in November, but it didn't really work out there. In the living room however... Uh oh. The teak bookcabinets would look soooooooo good against it. And those red vases as accent... I'm itiching to give it a go.

Should I ? Have you used it yet ? Any recommendations ?

Also. I kind of went wild on etsy this week... And spend an insane amout of money on the famous Olle Eksell eyes poster. Ehem. I guess if I need to take down the tapestery, it would look amazing over the sideboard...

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