Living Room corner update

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pfffff, it's been a crazy few weeks - with work, my English family coming over for a visit, celebrating my Oma's 98th birthday... and I'm kind of glad to be spending this weekend quietly at home, cuddling the cats.

Although stress levels have run high, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of house futzing and succeeded to give the dreaded living room corner a more appealing appearance.

Let's sum up. Back in March...

And now... Can you spot the differences ?

I followed the thoughtful suggestions of commentor Allycatz and switched the shelves and West German pottery around. 
I also moved some old issues of Elle Decoration and Living etc out of the bedroom and closer to my favourite reading corner. Hopefully having them at hand will make me more inclinded to flip through them one more time, before chucking them out.

All in all not a major change and I still find it looks a bit too cluttered. But unless I magically morph from hoarder to minimalist, I'll just have to accept the way things are ! And in any case, I'm much happier with how this area looks now.

As I commented in last post, I was hoping to acquire a fabulous vintage fiber wall hanging. Which would have been just perfect instead of the antique lithograph... 

But alas, while I was still debating how big an offer I was willing to make - given the € 50 shipping fees (of course, such awesomeness can only be found in the US...) - somebody else snatched it up. 

F**ck F**ck F**ck!!! I can't believe I missed out on such a find !

Sigh. So while I'm back to obsessively stalking ebay, I'll have to be content with this lovely 70s(?) bird tile I found for € 5 at the Brussels flea market a few weeks ago.

Some close-ups of the left and right side of the Tomado shelves to round up this post and close the topic (for now).

And now I'm off to some leisurely house cleaning and decluttering. And if the weather holds, I might even to some much needed spring cleaning on the balconies.

What have you planned this weekend ?

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