The Loo - Before & After

Sunday, 31 July 2011

It's the tiniest room in the flat. It's a pain to photograph - way too long and narrow to ever get a halfway decent picture. And then it used to be the most neglected space of all.

But not anymore.


And before.

I put my unemployment period earlier this year to good use and finally painted over the horrid orange. I used the leftover paint from the kitchen - Farrow and Ball's Pavillion Grey. And this is by far the room where I like this colour the most (I also used it as an accent wall for the hall closet). I don't know how come, since both kitchen and toilet are facing west, but the light in here makes it look really grey and classy and not some weird blueish mish-mash like in the kitchen.

I also scored a couple more Tomado shelves of ebay. Yay Tomado ! Yay ebay !

Part of it as storage - like for the obvious toilet paper - but mostly to display more stuff. So far the vignetting isn't great as I'm mainly working with 'rejects' from other areas. But you get the idea.

Bearded dudes limited edition prints from Ashleyg on Etsy. And vintage Hans Bolling optimist and pessimist figurines.

More of the West German pottery craze from last month... My first Scheurich 414-16 vase with a rare purple glaze. This thing is so ugly, I now find it quite endearing and I might actually keep it. The only reason it ended up with me in the first place, is that is was part of a lot that containded far more attractive specimens (but more about them another time).

And finally, my newest obsession. Glass !

I blame Holly Becker and her book "Decorate" for this latest addiction. I don't know if you guys have already read her book (which I really recommend !), but the first picture in the book is actually of somebody's vintage green and blue glass collection. I thought it looked amazing. And thus the impulse, to thrift me some glazen holdiay souvenirs...

On the left, a bubble glass dish purchased for 9 gbp at the Topsham Antiques Centre and on the right, a vase of undefined origin, but at 4.50 gbp exactly in my price range (this one I found at the Exeter Quayside Antiques Centre).

My little finger is telling me : there's some serious glass collecting in the air...

Ebay Craze II

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Last time, I told you all about my tallest WGP purchase. This time it's all about the smallest one yet.

This teeny-tiny vase was picked up during last month's ebay frenzy. It's a Scheurich and at a whooping 7 cm, the smallest West German pottery I've ever come across.

I've decided to streamline the kitchen as much as possible, so the green collection (plus the white vase with matching pattern) is now living in the bedroom. I even squeezed in one of the green Eames chairs for good measure.

Flo couldn't care less.

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