New night table

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The one side of the bedroom I am still unhappy with, is where the bed is now standing.

Big empty wall, crying for some colour and/or some art...

Night table on the left - boring...

Night stand on the right - boring AND messy...

I have of course big dreams of matching floating MCM night tables. Something of this order would be good.

But alas, in the meantime I have tried out all the wall shelves at my disposal (i.e. those pining away in the cellar). All of the above where considered and rejected.


Enter my Mum's birthday present, i.e. an ebay buy where I did all the bidding and she did all the financing ;-) Thanks very much Mum !

A cute little Tomado shelf that made it all the way from Sheffield, UK, thanks to the friendly ebay seller.

This Tomado is the smaller version at about 40 x 40 cm - and pretty hard to find in this size. But a damn perfect fit for a night table!

Btw - the needlepoint cat? That's one of my UK holiday souvenirs. Bought at the Marsh Barton car boot sale - for a pound.
I think that cat is too cute for words, as is the rug it's sitting on. Plus I was very touched to see that somebody (probably the maker) took the pains of having it professionally framed. Makes you wonder who that considerate person was.

So now I all I need to do is find me a matching Tomado for the other side. The thrifting never ends. Does it?

More thrift finds

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Moving on with the presentation of my latest thrift finds...

A few weeks ago, I had a very rewarding visit to the Brussels flea market. Very rewarding in the West German pottery sense, of course.

I had been coveting the Scheurich Amsterdam (aka sliced onion) pattern vases for a while now. Needless to say that I was very happy when I spotted this cute little red number and when the seller only wanted 5 eur for it. Sold !

Another 5 eur find - a rad floor vase. Fitting right in with my UK holiday souvenir.


Technically not a flea market find, since it came from an antique shop and I paid top euro for it - 25 to be precise. But nevertheless found in the flea markt vincity and purchased during the same thrifting expedition. Love love love the stunning shape.

The ever growing red collection.

And starting to hang up some art over the sideboard. Chillida print, found on ebay (where else?), one of Ashley G's ceramic medallions and a Habitat clock (on sale!), until I can locate a vintage sunburst clock...

Manna Hommage

Monday, 6 September 2010

A little wink to one of my favourite bloggers - this fine lady from Brooklyn.

Strange encounters not only happen in the streets of NY, sometimes they are right outside your door.

Hello Mrs Bovine, how did you get up there ?

Ebay find

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ah bless! Three weeks of freedom - aka the (somewhat belated) summer holidays - await me.

After sleeping through most of the last 36 hours, I thought I'd kick off the holidays by showing you some of my latest thrifting/ebay finds.

This gorgeous Scheurich Ceramos vase caught my eye on ebay a few weeks back.

The super nice seller had listed it for a 12 eur 'buy it now' price, but immediately accepted my offer of 8 eur. Add 6 eur for shipping - that's always the catch, isn't it ? - and you get a still decent price tag of 14 eur for this beauty.

I was pretty pleased with myself.

A welcome addition to my neglected orange & yellow collection of West German pottery.

And yes, I am trying a more minimal look on the Cadovius shelves. But more of that later.

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