Self-portrait (post cyclone)

Monday, 28 October 2013

Let's call this the tribute to Lou Reed look, shall we ? Sounds better than the flood and storm defying look...

It's official autumn has arrived... and I took some celebratory smartphone pics. Ignore the weird angle and notice that I did manage to (inadvertently) capture four out of six cats in that second photo. Maaaad skiiiiills !

Hope you are all alright ? Despite St Jude storm aka Cyclone Christian.

Bathroom peek

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Apparently I like to start my posts with a photo of Woody...

Besides some random peeks here, here, here and here (ouch, that last one is really old), I just realised that I never really showed  you the bathroom. Silly me !
Well, having recently come across a longtime "must-have", this gives me the perfect pretext for a bathroom tour. 

Not that I usually need a pretext for bragging about vintage finds...


Early 20th century medical cabinet ! Made out of metal and glass. On my wish list since like... forever. Definitely my longest 'saved (ebay) search'. And even if they do pop up on ebay quite regularly, the bidding always stops at some ridiculously high price. Speaking of which, at the recent Brussels design market, I spotted two of them... for 750 eur each... No way !

How much did I end up paying ? 250 eur... Not the greatest of bargains, sure. But my greed knows no bounadries ! Finally coming across one of these cabinets for a fairly decent price... I snapped... it up... of ebay. Where else ?

I know my pictures kind of suck. My bathroom is really small. Like 5m² at the most. So it's hard for me to shoot at a decent angle.

But I guess you get the idea. I love how the cabinet let's the light through ! The whole room just feels so much airier. Also the colour of the cabinet (a very light beige) goes really well with the cream 1950s tiles on the walls. The floor tiles on the other hand... 1980s cloudy beige monstrosities... just ignore them !

Also, Marimekko shower curtain. Hell yeah !

You know what else I love ? How a glass & metal cabinet obliges one to really cut down on all the superfluous lotions and potions that tend to accumulate in a bathroom. Ha ! Look at me, the minimalist.

Then again, I still can't resist a good opportunity - i.e. out of the cats' reach - to display some West German pottery...

Minimalism might have to wait another day.

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