Selling my Thonet chairs

Sunday, 28 February 2010

I usually dislike advertisments on blogs, but I suppose a little self-promotion can't hurt.

My heart is bleeding - I have finally decided to sell my 6 Thonet dinning chairs. But what can I do, my finances are at an all time low after drowning my sorrows on ebay this past month...

So if anybody is interested in these neat little chairs, here is the link to the ebay post

Starting price is EUR 50.00 - that's less than EUR 10.00 per chair for all you math wizards.

To be continued...

Update Tuesday 2 March - Haa, I got my first bid ! Come on all you ebayers following my chairs - bid, bid, bid. I need the cash for the Poul Cadovius wall unit I just spotted.

Thank God it's the weekend

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Ok what started as a horrible week, turned out to be the most atrocious month I have ever known at work. I am going to say this once and then move on : I fucking hate my job !

besides being totally depressed about my work, what have I been up to this past month ?

Amongst other projects I finally tackled the front balcony. Until about mid-December it looked like this :

Yes, geraniums, nasturtiums and thunbergia blooming in December... Hello climate change !

Hhmm, or rather hello ice age:

And when it eventually thawed, exit summer plants...

... and enter winter flowers - pansies & heather

I also added some bulbs, so hopefully in a few weeks I should get some daffodils. Fingers crossed.

Anyway it feels truly good to get your hands into some earth, even if it is only to plant window boxes.

What is your favourite activity when you need to put your mind at rest ?

Om Shanti

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Fresh flowers make everything better...

Timely Thrift

Monday, 1 February 2010

A fully working electric alarm clock - my only thrift find of the weekend. But at least it's a useful one (for once, I can hear my Mum say). Maybe I'll finally make into the office on time.

How weird is that I just found the perfect matching lamp on ebay.

WHAT ? You gotta be kidding me - a starting price of EUR 119 - WTF dude ?!

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