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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Arranging the Cadovius unit is proving to be a challenge. But I will not be defeated !

The shelves are currently in their fourth major configuration. Tell me what you think.


And before I get any snide comments - the empty space in the middle is where one of the Small Stakes posters is going...

Last week.


Last Saturday.



Verdict ? Better or worse ?

And more generally any tips or ideas on "vignetting" ? Gosh, what a dreadful word. And what a dreadful thing to do - vignetting... But once again, I will NOT be defeated !


  1. I prefer the 'before' configuration. I like how the shelving arrangement isn't symmetrical, and there is a better view of your Carlton Ware collection on the lower shelf.

    PS I have exactly the same to Taschen Books side by side on my shelf :)

  2. Hi Rachel Kay, I agree about the Carlton wares. But I am also thinking of displaying them elsewhere (don't know where exactly yet) and keeping only the West German pottery in the living room. Or maybe not ? Or maybe rearranging the shelves (again) ? I am totally clueless...

  3. I like the new configuration better actually. It only miss a nice poster in the middle, but you got that cover in a last post.

    Love the top shelf with the pottery.

    Tous les goûts sont dans la nature! Moi après plusieurs années de dégoût de symétrie, j'y reviens tout naturellement.

  4. Hello Emilie, thanks for the "thumbs up". For the time being, I think I will keep the current configuration - not because I am totally convinced by it, but mostly because I am too busy with other things...
    Je sais bien que les goûts et les couleurs... mais c'est quand même sympa d'avoir un avis extérieur. Comment vont les plantes ?


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