Ebay SCORE !

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Ok. Here it goes.

About two months ago, I scored big time on ebay. Against all odds, I managed to dig out a mispelled and very poorly photographed bid for a... Poul Cadovius Royal System wall unit!!!

305 EUR, a short drive and lots of drilling later (thanks Dad for the last two :-), it's now mine. MINE.

Remember this eye sore of a wall ?

All a distant memory.

Shazzammm, as The Brick House likes to say.

Let me just mention that one of the shelves and the magazine shelf were bought later on via Aardewerk en Zo.

These guys are located in The Netherlands and specialise in Royal System wall units. They not only sell whole set-ups, but also spare parts. Ideal for anyone wanting to broaden or complete their system.

Of course I have been fiddling with the whole thing for the last two months.

Here you can see the very first set-up.

That big empty space was supposed to accommodate a potential future TV. But have I since then burned through that budget...

And then the second phase.

Oh, and I almost forgot. My initial ebay win also included a matching dining table and extension.

Some day maybe I could go for something like this.


  1. Congrats, looks great!

    Thanks for linking us, we just linked you on our blog, too.

  2. ~Swoon~ That is so beautiful! Congrats on such a great ebay score!

  3. Thanks very much gonkedglookedslurped ! The pleasure for linking is all mine :-)

    Thank you Rachel Kay ! I still have to rub my eyes every time I enter the living room - still can't believe that I really found such a gorgeous piece. Now if only the rest of the room wasn't such a mess still (again?) - the stupid hall repainting does not want to end...

  4. What a score! I haven't gotten a deal like that on ebay in years!

  5. Hi Aron ! Yes, the ebay fairies were certainly smiling on me that day...

  6. We recently picked up one ourselves - a great system. I wasn't aware they had things like a dining table - have you seen the full brochure? I recently came across a lamp, but don't know how it attaches to the system.

  7. Hi Moni ! Congrats on your find. I totally agree, these shelves are fantastic and so well suited for small spaces. My whole living room looks much larger since I got 'my' Cadovius.
    I had no idea that there are also lamps for this system. Unfortunately I have never seen a full catalogue. Maybe the guy I bought my additional shelves from could help you out ?! His website is : http://www.aardewerkenzo.nl/ and he specialises in Cadovius. Good luck and if you ever come across a brochure, I would be VERY interested in seeing some photos - maybe on Flickr :-)


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