Going modern

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Let me start by apologizing for this dreadfully lit picture. After a few days of sunny and warm weather, Brussels is back to its natural gloomy self and any interior photos might as well have been taken in November. Sigh.

Last month I blogged about craving more minimalism. Ok, this isn't it. Yet. Rather this is a first attempt to mix things up in the living room - material and style wise. To be honest, I'm a bit tired of the "all wood, all retro" look.

So bye bye Tomado shelves, hello Ikea sideboard ! It's sturdy, it holds a ton of stuff (so far mostly stuff I have to sell on ebay), it's beautiful, it's fairly cheap and it's amazingly easy to put together. And most importantly, it's made out of metal, it's white and it's a first step towards a brighter more minimal future...

My most faithful readers might remember that last summer I aquired an awesome fiber art piece for this corner. However in the long run it turned out to be just too brown for the living room. With all the wooden furniture, brown seemed to be the dominant colour in here... Anyway the fiber weawing thing has now moved to a happier spot in the bedroom. And here we are: room for new art !

Gosh, do you remember this fabulous sneak peek from Sweden back in 2009 ? I certainly do ! Please don't get me started on that fabulous bedroom or the awesome hall... Want, need, greed, drove me a bit crazy and I totally forked over an insane amount of money to this etsy seller to finally get my hands on an Olle Eksell eyes poster. Ok, it's not an original from the 1999 exhibition, but it's huge and it fits into a standard Ikea Ribba frame. Still the best kind of art, if you ask me.

Next step ? Find a new dining table. I'm dreaming of a sexy 70s smoked glass table. Or maybe a classic retro formica table ?

Decisions decisions...


Saturday, 12 April 2014

I don't know about you guys, but over here spring is definitely on the way. 

How can I tell ? I mean, besides the obvious sunshine, tempeatures in the low twenties and flowers everywhere ? Easy. When I get that tingly feeling and start moving stuff around, that's when I know for sure spring is here !

This season I'm especially craving a more minimalist decor. The first step will be to keep stuff on and around the sideboard to a minimum. So the red West German pottery collection has moved and made way for a more 70s style colour range. 
Of course, it's all still very much a work in progress. The Tomado shelf feels wrong and so does the rest of the art. And there needs to be a better transition between the earthy coloured objects and the bolder armchair and red vases. But it's a start.

I love how my mid-century tapestry looks over the sideboard. The cats however are unfazed by aesthetics and simply view it as a giant cat scratcher. Assholes ! I've doused it in cat repellent, but I suspect they're still having a go at it... So I might have to find a safer spot for it.

Speaking of cats. Hello Sammy !

New home for my red WGP vases. I'm thinking this corner can take a more maximalist approach. Also I'm seriously thinking about repainting that black wall... It needs a new coat of paint anyway. I don't know how, but the kitties have managed to leave paw marks all over it and the touch-ups are really showing.

I'm in love with Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue. I tried it out already in the bathroom back in November, but it didn't really work out there. In the living room however... Uh oh. The teak bookcabinets would look soooooooo good against it. And those red vases as accent... I'm itiching to give it a go.

Should I ? Have you used it yet ? Any recommendations ?

Also. I kind of went wild on etsy this week... And spend an insane amout of money on the famous Olle Eksell eyes poster. Ehem. I guess if I need to take down the tapestery, it would look amazing over the sideboard...

Catching up

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Yes, things have been slow lately on the thrifting front. Mainly due to a self-imposed spending diet (more about that another time). But fear not ! In this household there's enough of a thrift find backlog to last us for a good long while...

Starting with my latest furniture buy, which I've been meaning to show off  for... uh oh... six months now. 

After loosing one of my favourite thrift finds to an unfortunate fall, I decided it was time to remove the open shelves from the kitchen and hunt down a display cabinet. I came across this cute little vintage number in an abandoned shop window. The new owners were trying to get rid of all the left-over stuff and were more than willing to accept a very reasonable offer and throw in a free delivery for good measure.

All my vintage treasures are now housed safely - and dust-free ! 

Side note. I had the interior glass shelves cut at a local diy-shop (the original ones were missing), but didn't think it properly through. So the new shelves are too thin and slightly sagging in the middle...  Oh well. 

Two "new-ish" Figgjo Flint finds. I think the little lady collecting mushrooms is particularly cute. I've never seen this design before. Do you know if it can be found on other Figgjo Flint objects ?

Another thrift find from last year. A cute little watering can from the Brussels flea market that was a mere € 1.

I'm also very happy to finally have found the right spot for the Krakatoa poster. I've owned this poster for years and had it mostly tucked away in a cupboard (except for one brief appearance in the living room).

I'm less happy however about the rest. As much as I love the Arabia year plates and the  Caroline Gaedechens drawing, I don't think the combination of them is working out. Art is soooo hard !

No new West German pottery vases. But I thought I'd end on some kitty love.

February already ?!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wait what ? How did that happen ? Last I looked I was getting ready for Christmas... What a terrible blogger I've been ! And besides the occasional Instagram posting, I haven't really been up to anything in 2014 so far. No thrifting, no decorating, no rearranging... The blog is neglected, the kitties feel neglected, the plants certainly are and so is the whole apartment.

Ok then. Speaking of kitties, I thought I'd kick off the new blogging season with some furry animal cuteness. Ready for some cat pictures overload ? 

I don't know if you know, but I share my place with cat herd of six. Yep, that's right. Six little awesome rescue kitties ! Here they are in no particular order.

Sammy. The newest addition to the herd. I found her last summerHere's the before photo.

She and Woody have quickly become best buddies.

My little fluffy rascals !

Speaking of Woody. Do you remember the cat mummy and her newborn kittens my friend Laura and I found in the street in August 2012 ? Well one of those kittens, that's Woody.

Both Woody and Sammy love to snuggle with Flo on my desk, under the warm desk light.

Flo, my one-toothed vampire. And to think she was this tiny skinny kitten back in January 2011 when I found her.

Highstrung Watson. In his mind he's the topcat. Of course the other don't agree.

He loves to snuggle.

And this is Wally. Found in October 2011, but apparently I didn't blog about it at the time. The earliest post I can find is only in March 2012... She's still very, very shy. Ever since Sammy joined, she's been a little less timid though. She now occasionally allows me to cuddle her. 

And finally, my oldest cat. June. Now almost nine. She's been with me ever since I bought this apartment - nine years ago. I bet if you asked her she could still remember when everything was painted yellow and orange... 

Now living with this many cats in a small apartment isn't always easy. It's doable though and here are some of my favourite "helpers" to keep odors, fur bunnies and costs at a minimum.

Modkat litter boxes. What's not to love ? They keep most of the litter inside, are incredibly easy to clean and are super stylish. 
Only downside is of course their rather hefty price tag. But over the years I've managed to score four of them during various sales on the modko and zooplus websites.

And while we're on the subject of cat loos, I can't sing high enough praises to the Tigerino silica cat litter. That stuff is magic ! Just scoop the poo once a day, the rest is absorbed and stays fresh and odorless for weeks (even with this many cats). And again on websites like zooplus, they do regular sales on this litter. Like right now - less than 10 eur for 3 bags...

I also include a picture of my trusted Miele Cat & Dog hoover. Definitely not the sexiest thing to blog about, but what a life saver ! As you can imagine six cats can quickly amount to fur bunnies the size of grapefruits... I don't know how I managed before my Dad got me this one a few years back. Again this thing isn't cheap, but it makes such a difference.

And for those who have read this far and still aren't fed up, here are some pictures of various stray cats I feed outside...

Mostly this lovely cat...

... and her offspring.

Oh and I would also like to point out that in this household we don't discriminate. I also like to feed wild birdies... much to the enjoyment of Watson...

And if you still haven't had enough, check out these awesome internet kitties :

PS. I would also like to point out that this post has in no way been sponsored by modko, Miele, zooplus or Tigerino. But if any of these companies (or Royal Canin btw) would like to send some free samples, testers or donations my way... The kitties and I would be more than happy to oblige ;-) 

Getting ready for Christmas

Sunday, 15 December 2013

In an effort to get ready for the upcoming holidays and numerous family members congregating at my place, I've been on an epic cleaning spree since yesterday... In a normal household that would usually involve getting rid of fur bunnies, cat hair on chairs and sofas, dusting every last corner and cranny... and West German pottery... etc etc.

As these things usually go around here, after a while, I tend to get rather bored with these mundane undertakings. 
Enter the little "rearranging demon" whispering tempting suggestions into my ear, like "uuuhh I bet the vases would look a million times better on the other end of the sideboard", or " Hhmm, remember that amazing photo Anna from Door16 posted the other day, with the awesome artwork styled in an even awesomer way ? I bet you could vastly improve your art assemblage"...  

So that's what I did. Although I'm obviously nowhere near of attaining the level of stylishness in Anna's photo !

As everything else in the room is already so colourful, I decided to group my more monochrome artwork together : Eduardo Chillida print, Bold & Noble London type map and The Small Stakes bike & cats print. Plus some African masks and my Habitat string wall decoration.

Also I'm quite tempted of purchasing and framing some MCM record covers to add to the whole... Or maybe that would be too much. I don't know. 

Hanging art is hard !

So anyway. The Morris Louis print (formerly above the sideboard) now lives in the hall, where the Charley Harper print used to be.

And speaking of Charley Harper... that print is now amongst the Cadovius shelves.

Musical art... 

Ok. These got nothing to do with art or cleaning... Just wanted to show off the massive macramé plant holder I managed to get my hands on...  Yay ! More fibers ! More plants !

And Wally enjoying a bit of sunshine amidst the succulents.

Now tell me. How are your Christmas plans progressing ?

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