Hello & weekend project

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Hello. It's been a while... How you're doing?!

I'm fine. The cats are fine. The chickens (yes, chickens!) are fine. The apartment too. And the garden... well, it's a process.

Bam. First picture I'm sharing over here of my new home that is not renovation or garden related (or taken from Instagram). And it's pretty bla, don't you think?!

Except of course for handsome Graham.

Anyway. This side of the bedroom and the entry to the bathroom never felt quite right. So this weekend I finally decided to do something about it. After one and a half years living here, it's about time.

But first let's take a quick tour.

Maybe it could be worse?! But I'm not entirely convinced either. The one thing I do love though is the tallboy. It's the TARVA dresser from Ikea, in case you're wondering.

Now what I really would like to do is rip out that bathroom and start over... But in the meantime a little pimping with some Farrow&Ball paint will have to do.

Enter my new favourite colour: India Yellow.

It's really hard to take a good photo, but - believe me - that colour is gorgeous: very safrony, very yummy. It brightens up that whole gloomy corner.

I'm also happy to have found a spot for that lovely macramé hanger I had squirreled away from last year's Ikea ANVÄNDBAR collection.

And while I was at it, I also switched things around on the other side of the dresser. Plant wise at least.

It's funny how my philodendron xanadu has gone full circle: from my old bedroom (look how tiny he was!), to various spots in my new home and now back to prime position in my new bedroom. 

Do you know what else is funny? The dresser isn't the only thing from Ikea here... The philodendron came from there, so does the curtain and the curtain rod (can't find it on their site anymore. Already discontinued?). And the macramé of course. Oh and the FLADIS basket... For a self-professed vintage queen I'm turning into quite the Ikea groupie...

Hhmmm now I only need to sort out the top of the dresser. I wonder what other people keep up there? I mean besides a sleeping cat and mismatched collections of boxes and ceramics. Suggestions anyone?!


  1. First of all - I love your cats! :) They're so cute!
    I like IKEA stuff too, I have also some furnitures from IKEA. We're going to buy s flat this year, I can't wait to arrange the apartment. I'm really curious - how it's possible, that you have such a beautiful plants when you have a cats? :D

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