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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Now that the living room furnishing is finally coming together, all my big empty walls are starting to piss me off. I need some "art".

But good god ! Who knew that good art would be so difficult (and majorly expensive !) to come by? I certainly didn't.

I've been roaming ebay for months now, trying to find me some sleek modern prints or paintings. Not sure what I want exactly and being less than knowledgable when it comes to contemporary art doesn't help, but two things I know for certain. I don't want anything too "op art" - these things make me dizzy - and I don't want something too colourful either - there's already a lot of colour mixes going on with all my West German pottery and Carlton Ware collections, both of which I am planning on expanding in the future. So something black & white (with maybe some red or green) would be ideal. Plus it needs to be BIG. Which makes buying some cutsy etsy print out of the question.

Now some desperate late night internet surfing made me come by an exceedingly cool poster shop. The Small Stakes sells silkscreened posters designed by Jason Munn for the likes of Sonic Youth or Nada Surf, to name just a few.

Ok, I'll stop jabbering and come to the point. This is what I bought.

Not too colourful, definitely not op art, good sized, affordable - they are pretty close to perfection. But mostly they do appeal to my fetish for vinyl and vintage electronics.

Let me just ask you. Is it wrong to hang up posters of bands you have never heard of before or havn't listened to in years ? I confess, I have no idea who She & Him is and I only vaguely recollect having liked Nada Surf about 15 years ago... But dude, do I like the design of these posters !

Subsidiary question for all you art aficionados out there : can a poster be considered as art ? You know being potentially mass-produced and all...


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