The new sofa quest has started

Friday, 11 June 2010

A strange phenomenon is going on in the living room. The new gorgeous Cadovius shelving unit not only sreams to be accompanied by some fancy artwork. It also makes everything else in the room look battered, tired and ugly.

And this piece especially.

A shot from way before. Because I love shoking my audience. Ha ha haa.

No seriously. I need to replace this old sleeper couch from Habitat (now discontinued). It's only five years old but time has not been kind to it. And by time read - the cats, the bright sunlight and my big fat ass... Watson has scratched it to the point that the filling is spilling out (more or less cleverly hidden by the sheepskin). Too much light is turning the black covers into purple ones. Yikes, and that is one colour I can't stand - purple. As for my big fat ass... well it's caving in about everywhere - the sofa I mean (not my ass)...

Time to consider alternatives.

Ikea to the rescue.

Karlstad 2-seater from their new tufted leather range - EUR 749. I love the white. But with the cats a white fabric sofa is totally out of the question. Now white LEATHER on the other hand... Hhhmmm, sexy AND wipeable !

Or maybe black after all ?

Btw, has anybody noticed, Ikea seems to be reorganising their sofa offer - a new (not too convincing) range (Kivik), Kramfors only in leather, and worst of all, no more Lillberg sofas. WTF - the Belgian website is only carrying the rockers and the US site does not even have these at all. Really ? They are discountinuing the beautiful Lillberg series ? Does anybody know what's going on ?


  1. I say : build it!

    Ça n'a pas l'air si complexe. Kim de DesireToInspire a construit son sofa sans aucune connaissance en menuiserie et franchement le résultat est inspirant.

    Pour le recouvrement, moi je dois avouer qu'avec le chien, un recouvrement lavable à la machine c'est un must.

    Take care

  2. Hello Emilie, c'est marrant, j'avais en effet déjà repéré le canapé de Kim, mais comme elle ne publie pas d'instructions d'assemblage, je ne suis pas certaine de pouvoir y arriver... Pour le moment, je suis à nouveau en train de me dire que je vais garder mon vieux divan tout moche, jusqu'à ce que je trouve LE canapé vintage parfait...


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