Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Besides the bathroom and the living room, I also did some serious work on the bedroom.

Which wasn't really a priority, but of course got finished first. Go figure.

Here is the measly before shot.

I got so caught up in the whole process that I forgot to take some before photos. Plus the real before pics were all lost in my computer crash a few months ago.

Anyway, I have this thing about green. So this wall, had been painted a light green for a couple of years. Then I changed it to this darker green, which I never really liked.

Around the plugs you can even spot the initial colour of the room. Yes, I had it painted blood red when I moved in...

The view from the hall and of the reading nook. I had been contemplating moving the desk and computer that crowded up that space for quite some while. And I am glad I did ! Now the bedroom feels much more soothing.

A peak at the new sideboard.

Ah and here it is in all its glory. This puppy is huge - 220 cm x 120 cm - and gives me much needed storage room. It also didn't come cheap at EUR 540, my second most expensive furniture buy ever. But I am in love with it.

I found it at this lovely shop. Clarisse, the shop owner, also kindly delivered all the way to my bedroom and even had one of the doors fixed free of charge (the sliding mechanism broke during transport).

Close-up of part of my vintage planter collection.

... and some of my African stuff.

Opposite side - early 20th century wardrobe, 1950's dresser from my Oma, ethnic pendant lamp (which I am not totally happy with anymore) and "Mister" Watson's fat bum on the bed.

Little 1950's dresser I have always loved and that my Oma gave me when I moved into my first appartment. This is the piece that got my obsession with everything mid-century rolling.

Yes, I did it. I absolutely loved the Brick House's guest bedroom make-over. So I now also have a black accent wall.
Best decision I ever made !

I also got at least one thing on my Ikea wish list - the Ikea PS Sticka blanket, which works best as a bed spread.

I also finally commited to hanging up some art.

Like a photo of my Luxembourg grand-parents on their wedding day...

... My grandma's wedding wreath...

... and a drawing by my grand-father's brother, (my great-uncle ?) Moni Gasti.


  1. Black is the best. I want to paint everything black now!

  2. I know, once you start... I bought some black paint to paint the inside of my fireplace. Then with the leftover, I repainted the bedroom wall. And now I am so in love with the result, that I am already thinking of going black some place else - living room, bathroom, toilet...

  3. i'm glag the sideboard found its place !


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