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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Do you ever daydream with the new super cool Ikea shopping list button ?

Now, for my living room (in my dreams also newly painted !), I'll take :

Aspvik wall unit - EUR 79.90
Ikea PS Karljohan side table - EUR 59.90

Koldby cowhide rug - EUR 199

To keep my "feetses" warm for the upcoming cold...
A couple of Ludde sheep skins - EUR 39.95 - for me and the cats

And then of course some lightening...

Maybe the notorious Ikea PS Svarva - EUR 99.90

Vistofta table lamp - EUR 19.95

Ljusas Ysby lamp - EUR 79.90

Kulla table lamp - EUR 59.90

More anti-cold measures Ikea PS Stoff - EUR 19.95
Ikea PS Vadmal - a mere EUR 29.95 for pure wool !
Ikea PS Sticka - EUR 49.95

And last but not least Jorun cushion - EUR 4.99 - wow for that price definitely my absolute front runner !

Ikea Stockholm cushion - EUR 14.95 but it is HUGE
Ikea Stockholm Blad cushion - EUR 14.95 - again huge, but all that white might prove difficult with two black cats...

Hhhmmm, a total of EUR 800... how did that happen ?

Btw - all that black & white stuff, I would never have considered that a few months ago. But this is what happens when you become an avid reader of Door 16...


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