Tuesday, 3 November 2009

OMG - I don't know where time goes. Already November...

So much happened, it's hard to keep up.

  1. My computer died (I lost all my data, photos, everything !).

  2. My modem died as well - so no internet access for a week.

  3. And then I got sick (luckily, the cats are doing splendidly).

  4. On a positive note - the bathroom is almost finished. I just need to apply some itsy bitsy tiny finishing touches on one wall... and of course I can't get myself to do them.

  5. The bathroom decoration is also falling into place, largely thanks to the huge inspiration that is D16 's fabulous taste and tidyness. I am now only missing my dream shower curtain, but he has been ordered and should arrive any day now. Ugh, the suspense is killing me. And a new floor... These yucky beige tiles are also killing me...

  6. Biggest news of all : I FINALLY started on the living room project. Which means I FINALLY settled on a colour - yes, only one. Surprise, surprise ! Although I should really stop the teasing and FINALLY post some pics.
  7. Second biggest news : I have thrifted a fabulous 50's wooden sideboard. Well sort of an obese sideboard really - let me tell you, it is HUGE ! There is FINALLY going to be some order in the Fat Cat residence. Yeah, some serious Larsson-style organising.

  8. In the meantime, everything is a mess: discarded furniture in the hall (waiting to go down to the already overflowing cellar); discarded objects on the table, on the floor, everywhere; Ikea purchases still in their bags, crap, tools, paint everywhere ! The cats are having the time of their life, their home as turned into a giant adventure playground...

I am less than thrilled about the whole chaos, but starting to be really optimistic about the end result. The goal is to get it all done in time for Christmas ! I want all my folks congratulating me for a job well done.

Hhhmm, is that a bit too self-indulgent ?


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