Living Room Project

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The living room renovation is officially kicked off. Well to be honest - by renovation - I mean repainting everything. Don't have the means (yet) to do anything about the floors... or the single glasing... or changing the radiators...

BUT after months spent surfing the web, looking at dozens of paint palettes and agonising over colour schemes… I finally bought the first sample colour pot today!

Tadaaaaa !

Green Verditer from The Little Greene‘s English Heritage collection

And I ordered two more samples : Linen Wash (a withish natural linen colour) and Aged Ivory (a light brown), both also from The Little Greene. They will arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait to try them all out this weekend !!!

Now this is what I am up against

Unfortunate, I know ! I have so outgrown my late-twenties pop colour phase…

I swear from now on the only yellow to enter my living room will look like this. Yummy !


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