Still To Do & Special Treat Sneak Peak

Friday, 11 December 2009

As my self-imposed deadline for getting everything ready for Christmas is drawing closer, it's time for a "mid-level assessment".

Achieved so far :

  1. living room - painted (mostly); furniture moved around and finally in satisfying setting; and decluttering process well under way
  2. fireplace - done
  3. office area - moved, but cable situation remains unsolved
  4. bedroom - new furniture in place, old furniture rearranged and art installed
  5. bathroom - painted (almost) and decluttered

Still in wait :

  1. living room - paint the fourth "wall". I am putting wall between inverted commas, because it's not really a wall, but mostly made of windows and one huge radiator. So I am leaving the fiddly bit for last... and next year
  2. living room - paint trims
  3. living room - thrift and buy new/old round teak table, as I have come to realise that the current rectangular table is way too big for the tiny space; added bonus : once I have an appropriate table, hang up the Berlin vacation souvenir PH5 knock-off lamp
  4. bathroom - eventually get around to touch up the paint. Yep, the bulk has been done for two months now, but I still have to hide some tiny specks of the old paint lurking here and there...
  5. bathroom - in the distant (and hopefully financially less uncertain) future, get a new floor !
  6. balconies - get rid of semi-dead summer plantations (you got to hand it to climate change, geraniums flowering in winter...), trim, clean and eventually plant winter flowers
  7. all over, reorganise cupboard contents ! That's going to be a massive one...
  8. definitetly all over, get the "vignetting" "right", as far as that is possible. Plus improve the equally dreaded "window treatments". Another weird word...
  9. favourite to do : Christmas tree ! Youppieeee !

And last but certainly not least : CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN

PS. Tiny peak into one of my accomplishments - this one I really enjoyed :-)

PPS. Hopefully I will be able to take some good photos this weekend, as the "daylight" in Brussels has been almost non-existing for the past month. I am exaggerating of course, but sometimes it does feel like I live in Scandinavia - minus the cold, the snow, the beautiful people and the fabulous design.


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