Thrifty Süchteln !

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Süchteln - population = 17,000. Home to the only psychiatric facility in Germany treating juvenile sex offenders... and to my dear Oma !

I spent the weekend visiting... and roaming this rad thrift store. Way better than anything we have here in Brussels.

"Trödel - Oase" = thrift oasis. My kind of thrift heaven !

I debated taking this set of good luck charm glasses - 4 EUR for the set. But then I spotted these :

Small red & black lava planter - 1 EUR !

No backstamp, but a tiny sticker marked "Jopeko Keramik gegr. (= founded) 1848". Some googling even showed that the Jopeko ceramic manufacture
still extists.

Set of West German vintage planters - 2 EUR for the small one and 4 EUR for the bigger one.

Now this beauty ended up being a freebie ! Sadly it is cracked and will break in two sooner or later. The shopmanager wanted to throw it away, but - seeing my enthousiasm for vintage planters - asked me if I wanted to have it anyway... OH YES !

Besides my planter shopping spree, my weekend was pretty uneventful. Except that at one point it did feel like entering the 5th dimension...

Here's the warning sign in my Oma's nursing home - actually a poster decorating the front hall.

And then we ate in excellent company...

And under this guy's watchful eye...



  1. J'adore les cache-pots! C'est introuvable ici ou sinon avec d'horrible peinture "country" dessus *soupir

    À quand les photos du salon? :-)

  2. Ach, die Trödeloase sieht gut aus! Da kann kein Kringloopwinkel mithalten.
    Liebe Grüße aus Antwerpen...


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