Living Room encore

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Friday night - after an exceedingly unpleasant week at work, I decided to take it out on my living room decor.

I have been obsessing about this particular corner for a while now. Obsessing like crazy and focussing...

and focussing...

and zooming in...

STOOOOP - can't take this anymore !

Seriously does my DVD collection of American TV series really merit all that attention ? What am I ? 15 ?

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon - after some major decluttering and downsizing, I am already breathing more freely :

Yes, I took down the superstructure of that shelving unit and just kept the freestanding lower part.

And then I just kept my favourite pieces on display. Ok, not counting the cats' scratcher.

These are all family heirlooms. The brown and orange vase was a present from my Oma to her mother back in the 30's. The white Royal Bavaria vase, my Dad gave to my Oma in the 70's. And the set of 50's plates were also my Oma's.

And I found the perfect spot for my MM photo.

Before - way back in Summer.

And today.


  1. gorgeous! Love the new arrangement!

    Rachel Kay

  2. Superbe idée! Et maintenant, on vois très bien les pièces mise en évidence. C'est très inspirant!


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