Kewlox sale

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In an effort to tackle the landslide (or furniture-slide) caused by my latest ebay purchase, I am getting rid of my Kewlox wardrobe.

The trusted ebay to the rescue - check out my add here. Bidding starts at 50 EUR and is ending this Sunday night. And I could certainly use some pocket money for my upcoming UK holiday :-)

Now all my fellow design addicts from outside Belgium are probably wondering what this weird name - Kewlox - is all about. Based on a British post-war patent, Kewlox is a Belgian company manufacturing pretty clever and versatile kit furniture. With some basic building blocks, you can create you own cupboard, wardrobe or shelving unit.

You can get an idea of the building principle here.

And on a totally unrelated note, yes I know, now that I have finally gotten rid of all the yellow in the living room, I definitely need to tackle my giant yellow monster of a hall. Pffffff, the work never ends !


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