Saturday, 24 April 2010

Remember the bedroom ?

The one room that was coming together nicely ?! Ergo got tossed to the bottom of my priority list ? Well I have been naughty.

I started by switching the bed around.

And then I used my Oma's little dresser as a headboard/bedside table.

Crappy photo due to the lack of space, but you get the idea. Plus I gave the dresser a nice make-over with some organic furniture oil. It's positively glowing.

Nightstand vignette.

Now you might have wondered where the 200 EUR for my Thonet chairs went. Well among other thrift finds, into this glorious wall lamp.

Found at Mouche for 70 EUR and I invested another 30 EUR to have it rewired (originally it did not even have a switch).

A word of praise to Christian - my go to guy in all things lamp related. He did a beautiful job and chose a black fabric coated wire (and not some cheapo plastic one) - the sort of detail that makes all the difference.

Close-up of the "articulated joint".

See you can move it around in whatever way you fancy. FUN !

So here it is my new cosy bed nook. Any thoughts ? Better or worse ?

Meanwhile in the living room...

Well at least Charlie is staying serene AND on top of the chaos.


  1. je vois un peu de panique dans les yeux du chat:) et j'adore la chambre et la lampe et l'arrangement des cadres au mur et ton talent de vignetteuse. Mais il faudra que tu expliques comment tu fais pour que ton couvre-lit ne se retrouve pas aussi poilu que Charlie!

  2. I LOVE your bedroom! the bed,the cover and the black wall! love em!

  3. Hi Lisa and many thanks for the compliment ! The blanket is the Sticka from the Ikea PS collection which I think works best as a bedspread. And the black colour is from the Little Greene (Jack Black). Morgan over at The Brick House did a fabulous make-over of her guest bedroom and got me totally hooked on black accent walls...
    Btw - I love reading "Krims Kram" :-) I have familly over in the UK and reading your blog makes me realise how much I adore anything British. With the exception of David Cameron that is...


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