Welcome to the jungle...

Monday, 26 April 2010

... We got fun and games ;-)

Charlie is certainly having fun. I am less amused by all the chaos!

But more order & organisation is on the way. The Kewlox cupboard is being picked up tomorrow evening - sold for 91.50 EUR. Not too shabby.

And then... well then I can start moving the rest of the furniture into its new and rightful position. More changes on the way.


  1. H i there ! I found your blog through the one of the MOUCHEshop, and it's all great ;) I like your spirit of quest for THE special piece ! I'm also doing this more for books, but also for some decoration things that could fit my industrial tastes ! I've started to explore brussels area flea markets, at least for now and a bit disappointed, but the season's just starting :) If you've any good plan, just let me know :):)

    Anyway, I'll follow your path to an unchaotic flat and ready-to-live one :):)

    If you like special music, check my webradio show @ sismophone.blogspot.com

    Thanks :)

  2. Hello Tigroo ! Glad to hear that you enjoy the Fat Cat journey :-)
    I will have to think about any tips for finding industrial decor... Nothing springs to mind except maybe ebay ? My go to resource for EVERYTHING :-)
    But I will get back to you on this. Promised !


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