Holiday thrift

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Looking at my finds one would never guess that I just spent a week in beautiful Devon, UK. Yep, the West German pottery obsession continues.

So what did I bring back ? Besides the mandatory bottles of fancy gin that is :-)

Handled vase, 16 cm - marked W. Germany 414 - 16. Bought for 9.50 GBP.

Planter - marked W. Germany 806 - 19. Paid 5 GBP. Unfortunately it comes with some thrift issues. Some idiot drilled three holes in the bottom and the whole thing is starting to crack...

Now this on the other hand... PURRR-FECT ! Massive floor vase, 45 cm tall, with three differently textured glazings, marked W. Germany 517 - 45. Purchased for 30 GBP.

Now if you are ever in the Exeter area, I recommend you check out the Quayside antiques centres - in particular this one and the one at Topsham.


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