A bank holiday well spent...

Friday, 14 May 2010

No rest for the weary. Yesterday I got started on the hall renovation.

Here are a few before shots. And yes, it's the same dreaded yellow that used to adorn the living room...

View from the bedroom door towards the entrance.

The "windowed" door (quite sure this isn't the correct technical term - please feel free to enlighten me) leads to the bathroom. And the one at the end (actually only the frame remains) towards the kitchen.

View from the entrance towards the living room (left) and the bedroom (right). And that bit of a dark hole on the far left of the picture, that's a tiny walk-in closet where I stack my recycling boxes and coat rack (and all sorts of other nonsense).

First hint that I did some changes to the living room. My antique English bookcase now lives in this corner of the hall (it used to be here).

Same corner way before...

Ebay success was achieved and this cupboard was sold and picked up by the new owners a few weeks ago. Yeah !

My little 50's shelf (from my Mom's old bedroom) holding some of my collections. Yes, amongst numerous other things I am totally obsessed with Danish wooden vikings. Also up there : pessimist and optimist figurines by Hans Bolling (get a clearer view of them over at Kitka) and the "Come on in" print by AshleyG.

Playing around with paint samples. I thought about going green at one point, but with the lack of natural light in the hall, I am not too convinced by this option. So white it is, for the time being.

Btw, this also gives you a slightly better view of the closet. The first thing I did when I moved in 5 years ago was remove the door to that space (it opened out into the hall and wasn't practical at all) and also the door to the kitchen. Three dooors (including the entrance one) filling up my tiny entrance space was way too much, so two of them went the way of the dodo...

But what did I actually get done yesterday ? Besides some serious cleaning and moving out of all the furniture and objects (cluttering up the living room yet again - grrrrrrr), I primed the ceiling ! And then I had to lie down because I was feeling dizzy... Seriously, all that straining to my neck must have been a total shock to the system...

But after a bit of rest, I started on the walls ! And then I ran out of masking tape...

I admit this wasn't my most productive day.

Planned for tonight, a visit to the Brico to stock up on painting supplies and an early night to hopefully avoid further fainting spells - no more excuses for the weekend !

Unrelated side note : the new dishwasher got its first try-out yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it !!!


  1. Hello brooklyn_codger. I used to be with you on that yellow... but after living with it for 5 years... I aspire to a bit of boring white calm :-)


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