Hall stand still

Monday, 17 May 2010

Pfffff, trying to find motivation to get going with the hall paint... I wonder how some manage to find the energy to paint a whole house ?

I confess, I have been a very lazy fat cat this weekend. Bad fat cat ! BAD ! No progress to report.

But cruising the Ikea website for some inspiration, I stumbled upon these.

Alex drawer unit (with 9 drawers) - 99 EUR.

I am thinking that this would be a perfect fit for the messy walk in closet in the hall. If I get two, they would hold all my shoes perfectly, plus some other nick nacks (like scarfs, mittens, umbrellas, etc.)

This fella is definitely getting a closer look during my next big blue & yellow visit. Although I am also thinking that 200 EUR (for two) might be a bit pricy...

Maybe this version would be enough ? It's still 100 EUR though, but I kinda dig the casters - very practical for cleaning up all the cat fur bunnies hiding in that closet...

Look you can even get it in black ! Hhhmmm.

One thing is certain though. I am definitely getting one of these "Hang it all" thingys. But no way am I spending 200 EUR for the Vitra version - those guys are fucking insane when it comes to pricing !

Instead I spotted a nice English bloke selling knock-offs on ebay for 35 GBP + 10 GBP shipping. Now that I can live with.

Plus you have to admire this guys balls - ranting on about how his hangers are
indeed knock-offs, but really GOOD quality ones as opposed to the cheapos from China. Now that's the spirit !


  1. I totally agree with you, the price of original Hang It All is kinda crazy! What kills me is the price of the Eames House Bird. I'd love one, but they are soooo expensive, plus, they weren't even designed by the Eames'!

    That knock off looks great, go for it, it would look great in the hallway!

  2. Hi Rachel Kay ! I hear you re the house bird... I nearly chocked the first time I saw the price tag.
    I am waiting with ordering the hang it all until I have worked a bit more on the hall. I feel that I don't quite deserve it yet :-) Hopefully ebay won't shut down the knock-off guy until then...


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