More vintage ceramics

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sunday's post might not have been ideal to kick off the new season.

Let's look at funnier things instead.

How about another dose of beautiful vintage ceramics ? Yep, that's right I recently went back to Germany to visit my Oma and decided I needed more planters. Compulsive and obsessive are my middle names.

This little fella is totally unmarked - what a shame ! I wonder who could take credit for this beauty ?

Ah, a Bay Keramik sticker.

Another anonymous beauty.

And this one is Italian - at least is says 'Italy' on his bottom.

Now you might be wondering why I did not include the price of each, like I normally do. Well guess what ? I paid a stunning EUR 5.50 for the whole bunch which even included a cute apple green punch holer (forgot to take a photo of that one). SCORE !

Wait, it gets even better. When I proudly showed my Oma my finds, she started laughing when she saw the last one : she got exactly the same one as a present for her silver wedding anniversary. And since it was only hiding away in a cupboard somewhere, she gave it to me ! Thank you sooooooooooo much Oma ! You're a star !!!

PS. The first two planters are now living at a dear friend's house...


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