Flea market score (1)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A few recent flea market expeditions have proven very fruitful. I was able to add to my Scandinavian and German (and anonymous) ceramic collections. More about that in a future post.
Let's start with my most eyecatching find.

In situ smartphone picture. 

And hard to miss. This astonishing 1950s tapestry. That thing is HUGE ! I circled the booth a couple of times, shot a few photos and was consequently utterly unable to hide my excitement when I tried to haggle with the vendor... who is probably still laughing that somebody was willing to pay 30 eur for a "dusty and musty eyesore". I'm quoting my Mum here.

Well, you know what they say. One person's trash is is another's treasure.

See what I mean ? Isn't it perfect for over my bed ?

Based on the signature and authenticity certificate, I did some googling and discovered a series of French tapestry studios who attempted to update and bring tapestry back in style after World War II. 
As you can see, they did limited editions of their designs. Which btw go for a lot more than 30 eur on ebay and various auctions sites.

Ok. I'm not quite sure about the mix going on on that side. Hhmm, coral lamp shade and KMK (Kupfermühle Keramik) ceramic wall plate. Maybe it's all a bit too much ?

But I'm definitely in love with that tapestry !


  1. Very Beautiful!
    The Colors are fantastic on the blue Wall
    best regards christina

  2. Cool find! It looks beautiful on your dark wall.

  3. On the third view I actually like it. Especially the beautiful pattern in the close-up on your dark wall. Maybe you can switch the lamp shade to a more neutral colour?! And I also would remove the plate to avoid the flower overkill.

  4. I don't like it at the flea market, but I love it in your bedroom! Maybe I would change the color of the lampshade, like planktonfisher said. :)

  5. some years ago I would have hated this so much...and now I love it and think that it looks absolutely perfect on your dark wall!

  6. Wow! That is something really! We hardly have such places here...very, very few. Somehow it goes on well with the bedroom, and that bedroom is beautiful :)

  7. LOVE THE TAPESTRY- especially on that wall. NICE find!

  8. I love your bedroom! Super cool!


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