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Monday, 7 January 2013

First off, apologies for these very grainy and weirdly angled photos. 
But (a) Brussels is still under gray, cloudy and dark weather (stupid, annoying clouds !!!)
and (b) this is the loo which is an irritatingly long and narrow space and thus quite difficult to photograph.

And yes, I'm one of those annoying, silly people who looooooove to decorate even the most mundane rooms of my home. Thus this post about... my toilet. Lucky you !

Let's start with some before & after pictures.

About two years ago. Everything was still bright orange. And messy. But at least I'd already managed to thrift that amazing mirror (if I may say so myself).

And then by summer 2011, it all looked so much better in a light Farrow & Ball gray. Plus I firmly believe that Tomado shelves make everything better !  

Notice the budding glass collection...

Back to the current situation. 

The old single glazed window was replaced a few months back with a fancy schmancy version, that is not only super insulating, but also features a neat off-centred handle that I can actually reach without having to climb on the toilet seat. So less daily exercice, but so much more comfort.

Of course, the glass collection is now out of control.

But most notably, I took down the Tomados (Fear not, they are being put to good use elsewhere !) and downsized the amount of knick knacks catching dust in here. I'm also very happy to have finally found a use for that 1950s bookshelf. It belonged to my Mum and is one of the rare survivors of her childhood bedroom.

WGP. What else ? 

The peace lily is hanging on by a thread. Ashley Goldberg bearded men prints and different bits and bobs.

Watch out for the feisty horned menace.

And on the other side - because how could I ever leave a single wall empty - a retro still life print, dug up a couple of years back at a Penzance thrift store.


  1. I wish I could decorate my bathroom... In this new teeny tiny apartment, I have to chose storage and practicality over beauty. But I just moved, so maybe in a few months I'll be able to find a way to make it less ugly! ;) Yours look great!

  2. That mirror is spectacular, and so is the print. I love your bathroom.

  3. Hi Katja, I'm looking for your email but I can't find any here. Please mail me, I have a question for you about your interior :) thanks!

  4. What a cool loo! Love the mirror and all the great stuff on your shelves, including those fierce ancestors of mine, the vikings:-) Love the teal color on that planter! Looks like a BAY?Just thrifted myself one of those in brown! How wonderful to have that shelf from your mum's childhood!


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