Tuesday, 1 January 2013

You wouldn't think it possible, but after seven years in my place, I still manage to find new arrangements for my furniture and numerous other belongings. Yes, I'm unstoppable in that way.
Making the most out of the last few (quiet) days of 2012 and inspired by this wonderful decorating book, I've been rethinking the living room layout. And then went relentlessly to work.

Basically, what I did do is switch out the sideboard and the bookcases (check out the old set-up here and here). 
Sounds easy enough, but required some serious schlepping and finagling of cumbersome furniture in a small space. I still can't believe I managed to do most of it in just one evening. Like I said I'm relentless. My poor neighbours must think me totally demented, dragging furniture around and knocking nails in the walls in the middle of the night... But then again, they're crazy junkies, badly tripping, screaming and fighting at 6 am on Christmas morning. Let's call us even.

Anyhow. The Nathan sideboard now lives along the side wall, making the whole room feel less enclosed and a lot lighter. While incidentally enhancing the sprawling WGP collection.

The bookcases now sit against the black wall. And they look stunning against it. 

Also Flo and June love sleeping on top of them. They probably think they're camouflaged.

The sharp observers amongst you will already have noticed. I also lowered the shelves and cabinets of the Cadovius system a few notches, making the whole thing less overwhelming.

I confess. I also tried to find a new arrangement for all the elements, but after several failed attempts and growing increasingly annoyed with it, I just left it as it was.

And finally I took Dan's recent post on styling his mantle to heart and tried out a more minimal vignette, including a fabulous teak mirror that I found in the UK last August for a mere fiver. Ha ! I like it.

Now I only wish the weather would improve, and I could take more photos of all the other bits and bobs I changed aound here recently.

That being said, I think 2013 is off to a good start, decorating wise !

Hope you all have a wonderful new year, full of inspiring thrift finds and decor ideas. I know I'm looking forward to reading up on them all !


  1. Beautiful! It really looks a lot lighter!!
    And: Happy new year; hoping it's filled with love, health, happiness and lots of magnificent WPG vases ;)

  2. I haven´t thought that this might be possible, but it is even more beautiful than before! I wish you a happy 2013 for you and your cats!

  3. Wow! That looks great1

  4. Love the changes! I hope you have a great 2013!

  5. looks good! especially the armchair, that looks a "little" bit scratched by the cats ;) I like!

  6. Happy New Year! Your apartment looks gorgeous!! I SOOO admire all your beautiful mid- century stuff and your impressive collection of WGP!
    Wish you a great 2013!
    All the best


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