Dining area before & after

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Taking all those pictures on Thursday while documenting the new pendant light made me realise how much that particular area has changed over the years.

Waaaaayyy back when I first started writing this blog, it looked really scary.

And very messy. This must have been shortly after I came back from Berlin in September 2009 with said pendant lamp in my hand lugagge. You can see it on the table still in its bubble wrapping. Sadly it would remain that way over the next three years.

By spring 2010 the dining area had evolved to this.

Still messy, but decidedly improved and all styled up with Eames DSW chairs and a new coat of bright white paint. Such a relief to the eyes !
Oh yeah, and that was when I still had my desk in the living room.

A year later in March 2011, things had changed.... again.

New dining table, new sideboard, new black wall, additional Tomado shelving (one can never have enough of those !), new Ikea rug, and a new found interest in West German pottery.

And then today.

No radical changes, but I guess I've slightly toned things down. Or at least I like to think so.

I sold the red Eames chairs and replaced them with English vintage teak and skai ones. They are marked "Elliotts of Newbury", but so far I've been unable to find out anything about this maker. Or to find a fourth chair. So I've completed the set with my Bertoia wire chair which was a lucky ebay find from a couple of years back.

I've also replaced the colourful Charley Harper poster and moved the Tomado shelves to a less conspicuous position. Plus I've recently added some black & white art above them. Like the London type map from Bold & Noble.

And clearly the WGP "interest" has turned into a full on obsession. Waaaaayyy out of control.


  1. It's amazing how our style evolves with time! The "new" chairs are beautiful, your dining area looks great and our pottery collection is fantastic!

  2. I love a space that transform over time, you have a lovely eclectic taste and WG! You can never have enough! :)

  3. Wow,that's what I call changes! I love your blog, I just discovered it, it's very inspirational! I share your interest on everything mid- century, check out my blog if you like: http://stuffthatmakesmyheartbeatfaster.blogspot.no/

  4. wow, amazing! love your home!

  5. Your home looks great! love your vases collection!

  6. Hi, I love your pictures. Very nice arrangement with Elliotts of Newbury chairs! I also like your idea of hanging Niesing shelves near the floor not up high.
    If you haven't found more information about Elliotts of Newbury, please come check out my blog: http://ekmodernkorea.wordpress.com/
    I mentioned your pictures in my posting. If you don't mind, I'd love to quote your pictures as well.


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