Rug ! And rethinking the seating area...

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Uh oh. I've been futzing over the living room again. Like so.

Step 1 - Score a wonderful vintage Desso shaggy rug at the Ghent Vintage Design Event for a mere 100 eur. It's in mint condition, pleasantly soft to the feet, has been professionally cleaned and reminds me of fat lava glazing. What's not to love ?!
(I'll spare you all the prep steps of moving furniture and giving the whole area a throrough wash. Who knew how much gunk could actually hide under a rug and sofa ?)

Step 2 - Move all your old crap back in. Starting with the sofa and a sleepy cat.

Step 3 - More furniture and of course some plant life.

Step 4 - Coffee table.

Step 5 - Additional seating, fifties cocktail chair. All the while ignoring the pitiful state of the coffee table top...

And scruffy old chair that has seen better days and has been nearly scratched to death by the cats, but that - for the life of me - I could never give away.

And my personal favourite - Clutter everything up with knicknacks, like a bunch of West German floor vases.

More plants, WGP and some stacking candle holders.

Still more plants and 'Fat Lava' ceramics.

And one last effort ! Squeeze in a very à propos vintage rocket lamp (a souvenir from my last UK trip back in August). 

And finally, crash down on the sofa for a well deserved rest. And start rethinking the whole process. 

Too much brown / teak going on ?
Wouldn't a glass coffee table be more suitable to show off the new rug ? Maybe. 
Can I place that rocket lamp in a less cramped in, more favourable place ? 
Do the black & white cushions go with the colour and pattern of the rug ? Hhmm, not really.
Do I really need to clutter up every surface with stuff ? How do other people always manage such stylish and minimalist displays of their collections ? Etc, etc.

Fuck it. I'm too exhausted to start over. 

For now.


  1. I like your home! It looks so cozy!!

  2. should I come to help you??

    love the poster

  3. WG, plants and teak are my favourite interior design words, great job! :)

  4. Wow!!! Your coffee table is stunning!

  5. Looking good! I have no idea how other people manage their collections; I'm starting to tip into pottery hoarder territory over here myself, especially where floor vases are concerned...

  6. Your blog and your home is amazing!

  7. You have the most fantastisc apartment ever! :-D This is just the way I wont to furniture my future home...including the cats.

  8. So nice living you :)
    Like the furniture, the colors and the cute cat!
    Here I will gladly return;)


  9. Beautiful room! All the pieces work really well together. I was actually thinking how much I liked the pillows on the sofa with the overall look.

  10. love your home!
    ich bin grad dabei einen teil meiner wgp sammlung aufzulösen, insbesondere fat lava und co. falls du welche haben magst, sag mir doch bescheid :)

  11. I love the retro-feel in your home. That rug is a steal and love that sofa very much. We dont find them here so easily.

  12. I'm with you on the "how do other people manage to look so un-cluttered". And what's with everything black and white in a room? I LOVE this room- it looks so colourful and warm and welcoming. I think one can never have enough teak. And also, I love the new little cat, Woody. Next time you have some kittens that need a home, maybe send some up here!

    Oh, and happy new year (just about!).



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