Let there be light

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Man. It's only ever been three years since I brought back a decently priced PH5ish pendant lamp from a trip to Berlin. 
Three years since I took down the Japanese paper Habitat lamp that I had installed in the living room when I first moved in. 
And then, three years where I lived with this.

Yes, THREE years where absolutely nothing happend and I lived with a wire mess on my living room ceiling. And conveniently decided to ignore the whole situation.

Because let's face it, if you didn't look too closely, it was actually possible to ignore it.

But then this morning, I was done ignoring. Ta-da.

Pendant light over the dining table. Finally ! It only took three years to get up there, and the professional intervention of lighting specialist Christian from Le Vistemboire fame.

Of course, such an event had to be documented from all angles.

Final praise (and words) go to Christian. I think I might have mentioned him before in these pages as my go to guy for all things lamps, repairs and rewiring related.
He and his equally charming wife Dominique are the amazing owners of Le Vistemboire, a Brussels shop specialising in vintage and antique lamps. Christian also does lighting repairs and rewiring, as well as in-house lighting installations (such as my slightly tricksy PH5 lamp). They not only offer a fantastic service, but they are also truly lovely people. So go check out their awesome shop next time you're in the Flagey area !


  1. It is easy to overlook things like this! At my mom's house we lived with wires on the bathroom for a while too... And she is an interior designer! Luckily her clients didn't come to the house! ;P Your living room is looking great!

  2. I love how you have decorating your home.

  3. Yay for the light! These photos really show how gorgeous your space is as well.


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