Coming home

Friday, 29 June 2012

Since coming back from the UK about a week ago, I've been a busy bee finding spots for all the fabulous finds that made it back with me.

Like this one.

A Roberts R24 radio from the early 1980s. By appointment of her Majesty the Queen ! 
I figured if it's good enough for the royals, it's surely good enough for me. And anyway, I've never been known to resist anything in a wooden casing.

I gave it the place of honour on my newly (re)installed bedside shelves. Together with a cute little WGP planter I brought back from a recent trip to Germany (50 cents it cost me. Yeah!) and a pile of books I'm planning to read and which are also cleverly hiding the 5 m of cord that came with my little radio.

Speaking of hiding a mess. Now I need to deal with less sexy things. Like making the electric extension less conspicuous, or painting over those white infills where the Tomado shelves used to be. Pfffffff, suddenly I feel less motivated.


  1. love the dark walls! and your accessories! and pretty much your whole home!! :D
    will be back...


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