Squeezing in the holiday souvenirs

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Finding a good spot for all my vintage holiday finds hasn't been an easy task. I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually running out of space and seriously need to slow down the thrifting activities. 
Good thing then my finances are at an all time low. So today, instead of roaming the weekly fleamarkets, I'm staying home fussing over the kitchen shelves, dusting and cleaning and generally redecorating.

This is what I came up with.

Can you spot the latest additions ?

On the top shelf, a Figgjo Flint serving dish with Market decor. My favourite pattern from Figgjo Flint, designed by Turid "Turi" Gramstad Oliver.

And a famous  "Homemaker" plate, designed in 1956-7 by Enid Seeney (pattern) and Tom Arnold (shape) for Ridgway Potteries and sold to the masses by Woolworth between 1957–68.

Now this, I've been lusting after for years, stalking ebay and etsy, only to be dejected by either the high selling prices or outrageous shipping fees. Seriously, why does anything coming from the US or Canada always ship at 40$ ?

But finally ! A Copco fondue pot by iconic designer Michael Lax, in near mint condition, and in a beautiful dark red. Too bad the cast iron heating part was nowhere to be found. But still at 11.50 £ so reasonably priced that I cried out loud and shocked the elderly - and obviously much better behaved - antiques centre crowd.

The growing Scandinavian collection. Finel, Figgjo Flint and Arabia.

I don't think I ever blogged about the Figgjo Flint "Saga" vase at the rear ? Well, I scored it at a Brussels flea market, at the very last stall I visited that morning. The seller wanted 15 eur for it, which I of course didn't have (after spending the morning's budget on WGP) and wasn't willing to pay anyway. But in the end, I used all my charm and smiles and I managed to talk him down to what was left in my wallet - a whopping 6 eur and a couple of cents.

Now getting back to my earlier topic of making some much needed room for new acquisitions. I'm currently selling some lovely vintage items on ebay. So, if you're keen on bidding on a classic Eames chair, stylish Tomado shelves or fabulous retro accessories, head over here.
If you ask nicely I might even be willing to ship.


  1. such beautiful findings! i especially like the red pot and how it pops out in front of the dark wall.

    1. You can't complain about your finds either ;-) What I wouldn't give for that bedroom light of yours...

  2. Very nice things! I like them ALL :)

  3. i like very much the vase with the king...great!!!! Best regards

  4. Beautiful collection and I love that blue wall. It's such a nice deep color.

  5. Your home is exquisite. I have a pretty bad case of "home envy". ; )


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