Lazy weekend

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I spend a quiet weekend in Germany, checking out my favourite thrift store and incidentally visiting my grandma. 
Of course, I brought back a whole bag of finds and amongst them this little round Rosenthal bisque vase. As I've been regularly spending a quite substantial part of my meagre income at this shop, I always get welcomed with a big smile, a nice chat and an equally substantial discount. In this case, they knocked off 5 eur on the 17 eur price tag and that little fella was all mine.

God, I just love the texture of those vases ! They'e just asking to be caressed by my chubby little sausage fingers.
Which reminds me, I don't think I ever showed you the one on the right. I'd been drooling over some pretty whacky specimens on the internet (like this one, or those) and was very eager to score an 'ammonite' vase of my own.
However when I eventually spotted a whole bunch of them, they happend to be in one of Brussels more exclusive antiques shops. Of course, I ended up paying a very unfortunate price (I think it was around 40 eur, waaaaaaayyyyy back in September, can't really remember the exact amount) and eating rice and onions the rest of the month. Ah well, all in the name of vintage design !

In yet another bout of insomnia, I also tried to capture the sun rising at the front of the appartement (the light was much more golden in reality). I mean what else does one do at 6 o'clock in the morning... Certainly not tidy up the mess that is the rest of the room and which I cleverly managed to exclude from this shot.

Speaking of sunlight, this weekend we also finally got to see the see the sun again. 
As if that wasn't a rare enough occurence, the entire cat herd decided to have a sunbath on and around the bed. This never happens. The four of them being so close together without any hissing, hitting and biting. I'm very happy I managed to capture this peaceful/sleepy moment.

Watson, passed out. Keeping three furry ladies in check can be tiresome work...

Flo. Bless her. Watson doesn't like her, so she isn't allowed on the bed with the others. But she still manages to keep close.


  1. Sometimes you can get this nice vases from Kaiser for an apple and an egg in different stores where I live. And other hot vintage-stuff :-). If you are interested in I make my eayes open for you.

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. The view through the front window of your apartment reminds me of when we lived in the Netherlands! same window -same "pruned" tree outside....happy memories! The vases are elegant as well!

  3. Wonderful apartment...cute cats... :-) and your favorite thrift store is just around the I will have a look...regards from Stephanie

  4. ah, last week i've sold a very nice hutschenreuther bisque vase at ebay, next time, i'll show you. those vases are so cheap here! fat lava, too! let me know, if you're looking for something special! i have a really got thriftshop in town!

    btw. lovely cats and nice to know, that my two are not alone with biting etc. ;)

  5. love the cats on the bed
    will be in Bruessel soon( get in touch before I go)

  6. I loved the feature on etsy, your home is really beautiful. I feel so sorry for Flo.

  7. Poor Flo...

    This makes me think I may be able to another cat {or two} into my Drooke's domain...I suspect I'll have to muzzle {sure} and cut nails for awhile though! She's a fighter, my Drooke.

    I love the light you get...If the cats will let You on the bed too...

  8. awww I feel bad for Flo :(((( She's so cute! How could anyone (including cats) not like her?!


  9. Hi, just had to tell you that we have a black cat called Flo too. Our Flo is pretty much the boss round here and let's our other 3 know exactly where there place is......not near her.
    Love your flat and I am going to have a look at some more of your posts right now.
    Great blog.
    Emma (Oooh Betty!) x


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