Ebay Craze III

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Indeed. I'm still not finished showing off my ebay loot from the past months...

Like I mentioned in my last post, I bought a lot containing no less than five fat lava vases. Besides that horrible brown and purple thing that I'm hiding in the loo, the other four vases are actually quite amazing. Like the two big ones above.

Both are Scheurich vases and marked W. Germany, the tall one with the orange decor is numbered 200-28 and the round one with the big red flowers is marked 484-21. Both have the same beigy brown lava glaze that reminds me a bit of baked meringue. Yum !

The little one in front, I thrifted during last year's summer holiday. And so far, the poor thing was kind of orphaned as it didn't really go with any of the other pottery sets. For a long time it stood all alone on the hall shelf, where - luckily - it survived a fall when said shelf came crashing down to the floor.
After that episode, the shelf got sold on ebay and the little vase was tucked away safely in a cupboard, in the hopes of better days...

Just for kicks and for those less interested in West German pottery, a view of the other side of the coffee table. Did I ever mention that this table was actually my first ever ebay buy ? Well, now I guess I did.

Yep, me and ebay we hit it right off.


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