Thrifty update

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Now before this is turning into a total music blog, allow me to show off some of my latest thrift finds - West German of course.

It wouldn't have been much of a UK holiday if I hadn't roamed through various antiques centres. Here's some of my loot.

My second floor vase, after this one - paid the usual 30 GBP ! Unfortunately it's still residing at my brother's, didn't want to take any chances on the train trip home... but it's making the move (by car) soon enough.

A little Scheurich vase - bought for 16 GBP. I know the price seems a bit disproportionate compared to the floor vase that is about 3 times as tall. But I find the red stripes irresistible.

This Bay Keramik vase I purchased on ebay this weekend for 5 eur. Nobody else was interested, so now it's mine :-)

Now this is my best WGP find so far - and by far ! Another ebay score - at 29 eur. I really need to find this beauty a place of choice.

Which brings me to the most tedious part. Trying to make an appealing display. Pfffff, what a pain!

And the above is DEFINITELY NOT the way to go. Let's hope the upcoming weekend finds me more inspired.


  1. Those are some great WGP finds, I'm envious! I am really enjoying your blog and have added it to my blogroll (, hope that's okay. We have very similar interests in furniture (and cats) :-) Best regards & greetings from Germany, Charlotte

  2. Hello Charlotte ! Thank you very much for your nice comment and welcome to my humble abode :-)
    I am totally bitten by the WGP bug and for the moment I am collecting anything I can get my hands on...
    I off to check out your blog - thanks for linking back to me btw :-)


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