Bedroom landslide

Saturday, 7 August 2010

What happend over the weekend isn't totally my fault.

See, I only intended to move the desk from the living room back into the bedroom, in the hopes of :

a- making better use of all that empty space in the bedroom.

b- decluttering the overflowing living room.

But you know how it is with the best-laid plans...

Turns out that fitting the desk in here required more than just a good push and some annoying cable fiddling. A whole rethinking of the space was in order...

Before, when coming through the door.


First off, moving the bed around - funnily enough it's now back to its initial position from when I first moved in 5 years ago. Which is actually a good thing, as all the electrical outlets had been planned around that area...

Then, dragging my beloved highboard across the room. It looks even more beautiful against the black wall than it did before.

Definitely worth a few bruises and a sore back - that thing weighs like a ton and I did all the moving myself...

Even the plants look nicer against the dark background.

So now, instead of sleeping here...

I get to enjoy reading, filing papers and more generally dumping clothes & bedspreads in that corner.

But I think the change certainly agrees with my roommates...

The kitties exhausted from all the hard work I did...

And finally, a little close-up of the new desk decor - more plants, what else ?

And I get to show off my first ever Arabia find - a blue planter found at my favourite thrift shop for a very reasonable 14 eur.


  1. I think the teak higboard looks stunning against that black wall. I am absolutely itching to paint a feature wall black or dark charcoal in our apartment but, alas, we rent.

    Well done on shifting all that furniture by yourself!

  2. Beautiful! I'm so depressed when I look at my bedroom. I think I'd rather redo 5 gazillion time my living room than my bedroom...Yours look stunning and welcoming!

  3. It all all looks very lovely! Hard work at the time but very rewarding when all finished!

  4. Thank you ladies, for all your nice comments ! I have to admit that I am really happy with this room - I think the furniture is finally in the right place, making a much better use of the space. Now for some accessorising...

  5. I love your dark walls. Can I ask what paint you used?

  6. Hello JC, of course you can ask :-) I used the Little Greene "Jack Black" for both the bedroom and living room accent walls - both in acrylic matt emulsion. It's a wonderful finish, very matt. However it also easily keeps marks and with three kitties leaving paw prints all over the walls when chasing insects, I am considering repainting with a more hard-wearing finish :-) I already used the Little Greene's acrylic eggshell (in "Shirting") all over the place and it's fantastic !


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