Black is beautiful

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Finally ! The living room is starting to look presentable from all angles.

I have been contemplating giving this wall a bit of colour for a while now. But nothing really stuck. I don't like grey (and if you lived in Belgium, where the weather is grey 300 days per year, I am sure you wouldn't either). And after living with bright yellow walls for a few years, I have already experienced how fast you can get tired of anything too colourful.

So this weekend, motivated by the imminent arrival of my latest ebay 'folie' and some leftover paint from the bedroom still at hand - I went black. Again.

And you know what they say. Once you go black...

And yes. Nothing makes a black wall pop more than vintage teak (or vice versa).

Here it is, my latest ebay find: a Nathan blond teak sideboard from their 'Corinthian' line, a proud beast at over 2 m long.

Nathan was a UK furniture manufacturer, who like many of his competitors went Scandinavian during the 60's. Inspired by the then widely popular Danish designs, they produced several ranges of teak furniture. (You can find out more about Nathan at this lovely site dedicated to British mid-century design).

It also makes a wonderful display area for some my West German ceramic finds.

And it's the ideal spot for my 70's WGP table lamp. Although I am seriously doubting my decision of adding the lime green lamp shade. Suggestions anyone ?

And of course, the detail that makes me swoon. Rosewood handles.

Pure luxury.

Now I still need to sort out a few kinks. Most importantly, outlets and light switches need to be spray painted black. Mum, hope you don't mind if I squat your garage this weekend ?

And then I am fantasizing about prints, posters and paintings all the way up to the ceiling. One day. Maybe.


  1. It looks amazing. What a great piece of furniture, and the ceramics do look fantastic against the black wall. I also really like the reed/stick arrangement you have in the floor vase in the hallway, I was thinking of doing the same thing with that huge green/brown vase I picked up at the flea market. Fantastic!

    PS: Where did you find the lamp shade? I have a vintage Danish ceramic lamp that needs a new shade...

  2. Hi lavalotti. Guess what? The sticks/reeds are actually from Ikea... The big blue & yellow really is on top of every trend :-)
    The lamp shade I had custom made - which is why I am regretting so much having chosen the green.

  3. Ah, IKEA, well that's good news! They look cool.

    I think the green looks funky. I was afraid you might say that you had the shade custom made as I haven't managed to find any cheap shades that would fit in any of the shops I looked in. I ended up spray painting the old shade on my lamp a few weeks ago but am not entirely happy with the result (will post about it some time soon.)

  4. Hey there! black is indeed beautiful and so is that a m a z i n g sideboard!

    Superbe vignette aussi! J'ai très hâte d'avoir un tour complet de ce salon! En fait, un plan de plancher aussi aiderait à figurer ton espace :-)

    Nice day to you!

  5. Hello Emilie, and thank you for the nice comment.
    Yes, I have been contemplating posting a floor plan, but beeing the perfectionist that I am, I am still struggling to come up with a halfway decent one... Google Sketchup, gggrrrrrrrrr.

  6. We like your blog. Cool! About the green lamp shade. Just leave it as it is..that´s what attracted us to read your blog. Regards, team


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