Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Is one allowed to mix metals in one's interior ? Any ideas ?

The reason I'm asking ?

Case study.

I recently ditched my valiant Ikea Tranby mirror in honor of this thrifty 1950s specimen, which I picked up for about 20 eur (can't remember the exact amount right now).

While I still think the size and shape of the mirror are perfect for the space, I have however started to obsess about the less than perfect mixture of the mirror's brass frame and the stainless steal casing of the light.
Also, now that I'm taking a closer look at this photo, I'm thinking the different shapes involved - organic & rounded and very neatly rectangular - don't go so well together. I guess, I need a new light.

Suggestions ? Anyone ?


  1. Traditionally the advice has always been to stick to one type of metal per room, but I have been breaking that rule with merry abandon for years and have never been too bothered by it. I think it's unrealistic for all metals to be the same when one puts together one's home bit by bit (as is realistic for most of us.) Anywho, I love that mirror! I'm going to go on the hunt for cool vintage mirrors for our new house soon too!

  2. ...why don't you put that black bowl with the black and white spots on the inside on the shelf...the spots will reflect the round lights and the black should go well with the (is it black?) rim around the mirror...this should help tie it in.. :-)

  3. sorry, the bowl, the one that was in your kitchen! :-)

  4. Mixing metals is not so taboo anymore. I love the shape of that mirror!

  5. Where did you get the bathroom shelf? I love how it's so open! Beautiful bathroom.

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