Fleamarket finds

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fresh from this morning's fleamarket expedition. Ladies and Gentlemen. Drum roll. Collective uuhhing and aahhing, etc. etc.

I thought the Brussels fleamarket was all tapped out as far as WGP is concerned. But fortunately I was proven wrong...

Behold! One hell of a sexy, flashy and busty beast. And only 8 eur (haggled down from 15). Irresistible. At least by me.

This old camera isn't something I would usually pay much attention to. Being totally illiterate as far as photographic technique and history is concerned. Point and shoot is about the extent of my knowledge in this area.
But my dad spotted this little fella. He had exactly the same model when he was a kid - somewhere in the early 1950s. So he bought it and promptly gave it to me...

I don't know if it's still functioning or if you can even still buy film for these cameras. But anyhow, it works very well as a decorative object as well.

And finally the new vase in its new suroundings. As you can see it's the perfect big brother to this ebay find. And in light of today's score, I'm already kind of regretting paying 23 eur for the litlle one...


  1. Great finds! That red grouping looks wonderful.

  2. Very nice things :-)

  3. That is one nice Scheurich balloon vase! And goes so well with your other ones. Don't worry about the price of the little one - you probably paid about what's worth now and it'll only go up in value. They look fab together :) Emma


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