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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ha ! I finally found a companion for the flashy floor vase that was feeling very lonely, adorning the Kewlox shoe storage cabinet all by itself.

I was the highest bidder at 16.75 eur, to which I however had to add 6 eur for shipping. Not exactly a score, but West German vases have been increasingly hard to find lately. At least, those with a decent price tag.

I particularly blame this BBC program for this unfortunate situation. They did an episode on the Brussels flea market a while back and one of their ceramics experts kept repeating that "West German ceramics are the antiques of the future"... Dude ! Keep your mouth shut ! And don't ruin it for the rest of us.

As a result, sellers are now asking outrageous prices for even the ugliest specimens.

Anyway, when this vase arrived, I was a bit disappointed at first. It had looked a lovely red in the seller's photos and I had high hopes of adding it to my red collection on the living room sideboard.

But in reality it turned out to be a dark orange, which annoyingly didn't go with any of my WGP arrangements. That is until I remembered the floor vase in the hall. As I said, the poor thing had been so lonely that I kept forgetting it's actually there... Voilà, the two are a perfect match. And they lived happily ever after !


  1. Those two look great together. And I know what you mean about prices going up, even German ebay prices are totally ridiculous!

  2. Once you get out of the big cities though, in both England and Germany, you can find things for a bit cheaper. You just need to know where to look. Really like the pot, good one! Emma

  3. Lavalotti - yes, I can't believe the crazy prices on Germany either. And almost everything is a "buy it now" price. So annoying.

    Littleowlski - I guess you're right about thrifting outside of big cities. The only problem is, I don't have a car ;-) And also when I'm in the UK, I'm usually in the South West which probably isn't the cheapest area in England to begin with :-)


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