Kitchen peek

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The biggest job I tackled so far this year, has been repainting the long neglected hall, loo and kitchen.
Once I got going, the painting in itself was done pretty quickly. Documenting the process however, taking photos, editing and finally posting them - that's a whole other story... One that is paintstakingly slow...

Here's the best picture I managed to take so far of the kitchen. This room is a pain in the ass to capture - odd size, too much light, reflections everywhere, notoriously the messiest space in the house, with the ugliest floor tiles ever, window and door frames still not painted white... But enough with the excuses !

It's at least starting to come together.


  1. The grey looks really good next to the pretty yellow of the kitchen cabinets!

  2. I love the cathrineholm bowl!!!

  3. I just thrifted the baby brother to your utensil holder! It's a little dude that reads, "Pickled".
    I love your style and am glad I found your blog via Flickr. Cheers, Tracey

  4. Thanks all !
    Tracey - Welcome to my humble abode :-) If you do a search on my blog under "onion men" you'll see I've got a whole bunch of these little guys...

  5. ooh, your kitchen is looking great! :)


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