Paint samples and dreaming big

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Uh oh. Things are starting to get serious in the kitchen.

Yes, I'm testing grey paint samples. From top to bottom: Farrow & Ball's Pavillion Grey; Farrow & Ball's Hardwick White; The Litlle Greene's Eau de Nil.

The Pavillion Grey looks very promising. Especially since I saw Farrow & Ball's catch phrase, i.e. product description. "Cool... reminiscent of an elegant colour used in Sweden in the late 18th century under Gustav III...". Come on, a Scandi reference, what's not to love. And "elegant" would certainly be a step up from the kitschy retro theme I've got going for the moment. Hhhmmm, I'm so very tempted.

Anyhow. The Hardwick White is a definite no no. Too beigy brown for my taste. And Eau de Nil? I've been testing that colour for what seems like forever now, but I've never committed to it. So I should probably take the hint...

As for the big dreams part, I really want/need to paint those horrible beige floor tiles. I'm thinking black & white checkerboard. Maybe. I'm a bit scared of all the hassle. I'm also not sure if I have the patience to actually tackle a project like that.

And of course, I have to deal with all the "stuff" that's been accumulating in the kitchen lately. The table is a mess. The Tomado is barely better. And the fridge exterior ? God, I really need to implement a no magnets policy.


  1. Walls color: Eau de Nil, it would fit very well with your actual kitchen furnishing.

    Floor: If you don't/can't hire a contractor and you never did it before by yourself, leave it like this or you will struggle with a poor result later :)

    Did you know that I moved my blog address?!
    I would be honored to be mentioned in your 'Fancy' list! :D
    My new blog is
    I added you in my list a long time ago as well :)

    Good luck with your project and let us know wich color you chose!


  2. At least your kitchen front looks nice, so you wont have to change this part...
    Love the Pavillion Grey!
    I am so looking forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Der Plattenspieler ist von Crosley - mein Freund hat ihn über Ebay ersteigert. Hoffe das hilft :-)

  4. The Pavillion Grey is great, as is the darker shade. I'm not really feeling the Eau de Nil although it's very tasteful; I think it's a bit too green (I am anti-green walls at the moment because I'm tired of my green living room walls.)

  5. Light grey is a great colour. It will bring out colourful objects without making the room look smaller. I plan to paint my living room in a light grey and use yellow objects, and some reds.. it's a playground!

  6. ooh, how exciting! i can't wait to see how your new kitchen turns out. i vote for the 2nd color on the wall for sure, if not even a shade or 2 darker. it will provide some contrast between the walls and the tone of the cabinets.

    i'm about to repaint my living room in a very dark charcoal grey. hopefully it'll turn out okay...i'm nervous but excited. change is fun! :)


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