Tomado loot

Thursday, 11 November 2010

I am unstoppable. Look what I scored on ebay last week.

That's right. More Tomado shelves ! 'Cos a girl can never have too many Tomados...

Ok now, what am I going to do with all these ?

1. Replace the orange and green metal shelves on the "bedside table" with two lovely wooden ones. Done.

Btw, I also swapped some art around. This is Sandro Juto's 'bookgirl' print, and it's definitely appropriate bedroom decor for somebody who could spend days in bed just reading.

A wider view. I still need to find some big-ass art to hang over the bed.

And of course :

2. Hang up the twin bedside Tomado on the left side.

And just for kicks the same space 'after' and 'before'. Almost one year apart.

Further on the Tomado to-do list:

3. Use the wider shelve for the kitchen Tomado. Done, but not yet documented.
Sorry I slept through most of the afternoon and now it's already too dark to take a decent photo. Just this much, I have now even more space for even more "onion men"...

4. Resell the leftovers. Half-way done. A friend came by to pick up the larger elements. I am now left with one big vertical piece, one small one and the two metal planks, all of which are going to be sold on ebay as spare parts. Someday.


  1. I do understand your lovely Tomado obsession. I can never have enough dinnerware...

  2. ooooh! Im so envious! What a great find!

  3. Woohoo! Looks great. x

  4. Heyyy! I don't see your email anywhere to email you. But remember my couch?

    Well, 7 months later, I realize that the couch makeover DID make design sponge, and they posted it on the EXACT SAME day as your comment! Crazy!!!!

  5. is official... I am envy!! :D

  6. Great find! I'd love to have more wooden tomados but no space...

  7. string... great! i also love that chair. want to have some like that. i have a big collection - but that is still my dream.


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