New night table

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The one side of the bedroom I am still unhappy with, is where the bed is now standing.

Big empty wall, crying for some colour and/or some art...

Night table on the left - boring...

Night stand on the right - boring AND messy...

I have of course big dreams of matching floating MCM night tables. Something of this order would be good.

But alas, in the meantime I have tried out all the wall shelves at my disposal (i.e. those pining away in the cellar). All of the above where considered and rejected.


Enter my Mum's birthday present, i.e. an ebay buy where I did all the bidding and she did all the financing ;-) Thanks very much Mum !

A cute little Tomado shelf that made it all the way from Sheffield, UK, thanks to the friendly ebay seller.

This Tomado is the smaller version at about 40 x 40 cm - and pretty hard to find in this size. But a damn perfect fit for a night table!

Btw - the needlepoint cat? That's one of my UK holiday souvenirs. Bought at the Marsh Barton car boot sale - for a pound.
I think that cat is too cute for words, as is the rug it's sitting on. Plus I was very touched to see that somebody (probably the maker) took the pains of having it professionally framed. Makes you wonder who that considerate person was.

So now I all I need to do is find me a matching Tomado for the other side. The thrifting never ends. Does it?


  1. Love the Tomado shelf, it's such a cute size too!

  2. Congrats on getting your Tomado! It's very cool, as is the needle point cat. Ebay listings tend to pick up around November in the pre-Christmas period, so maybe you'll find your second shelf soon enough. I'll alert you to any Tomado listings I happen to stumble across in my own eternal search for lamps...

  3. It looks really great! I love Toamdos too and try to score one on e-bay. Check out these sites too, they always have some Tomados: and

  4. Hi guys! Many thanks for all the compliments, encouragements and tips !!!
    I think I mentioned in various comments wanting to install Tomados instead of night tables. And now I am REALLY pleased with the result :-)


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