Always room for more ceramics

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ok, lately I haven't been posting as much as I'd like (more about the reasons for this another time). But one area where I am never idle is - you guessed it - the thrifting front.

First off, a couple of finds from a recent trip to Germany.

Little vintage planter bought for 3 eur. A little more subdued than my usual West German pottery buys, but nevertheless looking good on the Cadovius shelves.

Now this is more like it. Large Übelacker vase for only 5 eur. Yes!

"Zyklon" vase designed by Cari Zalloni and manufactured by Steuler.

Not a thrift find, but a present from my Mum. It used to decorate her bedroom back in the 60's and it's one of the very rare trinkets she's kept from that time. I have been uuh-ing and aah-ing over it each time I came to visit, hinting heavily that it would make a perfect addition to my WGP collection.

I am now happy to report that a few weeks ago I finally managed to wear her down...

A close relative to my West German ceramics. A Dutch owl money box found at the Brussels flea market for 5 eur.

The ever growing collection.

Good thing the
Nathan sideboard is so big. There's still plenty of room for more thrift finds. Yay!


  1. Very nice finds. I have a WGP vase from my mom too (dark brown Ruscha 313 that she bought in the late 70s) that I remember always kicking around our house somewhere as I was growing up.

  2. Oh lucky you, Ruscha 313! Definitely on my WGP wish list :-)

  3. Beautiful the vases, so gorgeous. Nice blog! Have a great week!

  4. Hello and thank you Heidi ! A very nice week to you too :-)

  5. fantastic finds! that red is intense... adding a lot of energy to the room.. well done:)

  6. Thanks David John ! It's the room I work on the most, but ever since I moved the computer, it's also the one I spend the least time in. I think I need to install a TV to keep in there ;-)


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