Tomado Love

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tomado love - always & everywhere !

In the bedroom, instead of bedside tables...

In the bathroom, to hold all my pretty products and potions (the ugly ones are hidden in a Componibili)...

And in the kitchen, collapsing under yet another manic collection of English and West German ceramics...

Yeah, amongst many other things, I am also obsessed by vintage English anthropomorphic vegetable pots. And "Onion men" in particular... But more about them another time.

And yes, I know. I need to do something about that wall colour in the kitchen. SOON !

Uh oh, I almost forgot.
Thanks to yours truly, you can now stalk more photos of Tomado shelves in a Flickr group. Here is the link.


  1. I defintely do understand your obsession :-)

  2. Those Dutch shelves are REALLY cool! I want one too!! :D
    And the Onion men!? So funny...will become my next obsession too ;)

    About the kitchen wall depends from how much light you normally have in it. If is an high light room, I would try with some fluo color; also pink...why not? Funny :)

    Doei from GoVintage!

  3. Holy crap! they never imported onion man in Canada...was the use of being part of Commonwealth then...sigh

  4. Yeah, I am in love with (onion) men ;-)

    If anyone is interested in starting a collection, they are pretty easy to find in flea markets and car boot sales (or antiques centres)... in the UK... I also hunt via ebay, even if the cost of shipping usually makes my teeth grind.

  5. Oh jeez I really need a tomado in my bathroom. Love them!!!

  6. You absolutely MUST get some Tomado shelving for your bathroom ! They go with everything, even baby pink tiles ;-)


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