Public service announcement

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Ok guys. I need your help.

For my own very personal and very selfish sanity, please let's keep the sexiest guy on TV... on TV.

I'm talking about Michael Imperioli currently starring in the show Detroit 1-8-7. Which ABC is apparently already thinking of cancelling... Motherf*ckers.
Sopranos fans will of course remember him as Christopher Moltisanti, Carmela's junkie, up to no good cousin and occasional fiancé murderer... Ah good memories !

Anyway, I confess. I'm a huge sucker when it comes to good old-fashioned cop 'procedurals'. Think "Cold Case" or "The Wire", even CSI (but only Las Vegas !) to some extent. In our sad, tough times, there's something to be said about over-worked, emotionally stunted, yet devoted civil servants fighting crime and (almost) always setting the world right at the end of 45 min. Just with some good old police leg work and of course a ton of charm and sexiness.

Also ever since I discovered the awesome Sweet Juniper blog, I am totally obsessed with Detroit. Morbid curiosity probably, but Jeez what a fascinating place. To think that one of the richest cities in the US is literally falling back into total decay and oblivion...

So please, pretty pleeeeeease, if you're in the US, tune in Tuesday nights on ABC at 10.00 pm. And if you're outside the US, may I suggest you download this show via The Pirate Bay or Monova...

Yes, let's keep Detroit 1-8-7 alive ! The world needs it ! I need it !

Question : is there a TV series you are really crazy about ? To the point of total addiction ?
I'll let you in on another embarassing secret. I am hoarding all 15 seasons of ER on dvd, and could have totally gone on watching Dr. Carter break in new interns for at least another 15 seasons.


  1. Interesting, I've never heard of the show, but will definitely check it out! I'm completely obsessed with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Big Love and Weeds ...

  2. I confess Big Bang Theory (hilarious), CSI (Vegas baby!), Vampire diaries (because I need silly teenange romance with vampire).

  3. Hi Christina & Emilie - It's not as if Detroit 187 was the greatest show on earth, but I have this weird obsession with cop series and of course Michael Imperioli. Ah, pure sexiness ;-)
    Mad Men, yes yes yes ! Can't believe this season is already over. And OMG, they really did take the piss out of Don. What an idiot, marrying his secretary...
    Yes, I'm really serious about my TV ;-)

  4. i don't want to make you faint from envy, but i'm a massage therapist and have massaged michael imperioli. yup, my hands were all over him (professionally, of course). and let me say this, out of all the celebrities i have massaged, he was absolutely the kindest and easiest to work on. truly, a nice guy.


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